#1 Introduction

Welcome! If you’re reading this – thanks. If you get bored and close this tab, thanks. So let’s start there… The purpose of this blog is more of an outlet for me that I view as, “if it helps someone else, great! If it’s garbage words I’m sending out into the ether no one reads, great!” I wanted a space where I didn’t feel confined/obligated to post only coffee-related things (see CoffeeMate blog), so here I am. I’m still a utilitarian at heart, so I won’t be using this as a diary per se, because I still want to provide value, so I plan to publish “thought pieces” of sorts, talk about the things we all think but never say out loud, explore the unnatural in the natural world, and much, much more.

Which brings me to the name of this blog. I pondered and pondered, and landed on Alternatively Autumn for two reasons: 1) I like alliteration, plain & simple 2) I’ve always been a bit of a black sheep in life and my candor has led me to feel many of my opinions, thoughts & feelings are “alternative” to most. Or at least, going back to the “things we all think but never say aloud” point, I keep questioning things out loud that society quietly nudges me “I shouldn’t.”

On to another reason I’m starting this blog… One day I’d like to be a full-time freelance writer. Sure I’ve contributed here and there, mainly to coffee blogs/publications, but to branch out, I felt this was a natural first step, in my own environment, where I can write freely but also with editorial standards in mind for other publications and outlets. As such, I may be submitting my blog writing to various publications just to see what bites, what’s gaining interest, who’s interested in what, etc. Also, I wanted to learn WordPress, and I learn by doing. 🙂

So, what can you expect to see published on this blog? Coffee-specific writing will continue to stay on my original blog, CoffeeMate, but here you can find explorations on topics like…

  • Travel, travel guides, day-trip guides (mostly CA and international)
  • Career talk, thought pieces
  • Home & living hacks + DIY
  • Food & drink, LA and beyond
  • Thrifting & fashion
  • Wellness & sustainable living
  • All infused with my trademark incessant puns and dry humor

Keeping this short and sweet, I hope you enjoy this new venture I’m exploring. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a creative and introvert at heart, and my writing is one of a thousand passions I’ve always kept rather private that I’ve finally decided to share with the world, in case it entertains or benefits someone else. 

Cheers to new adventures and setting intentions.



DISCLAIMER: I LOVE my current job, so none of my posts refer to my current employer. If I ever mention work, it’s referring to places I’ve worked in the past and have no problem… erm, ‘speaking unfavorably’ about but will never mention by name. 😉

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