Autumn is a 20-something living in the heart of Los Angeles with her boyfriend, John, and dog, Scout. She moonlights as a writer covering career, home, travel, food & drink, wellness, thrifting, DIY and sustainable living. At her day job, she’s a PR associate for Wagstaff, an agency specializing in food & bev, hospitality, travel and destination PR.

As a modern renaissance woman, Autumn doesn’t accept the fatal flaw of society that she must pick one ‘thing’ and make it her life-long career, hence this blog may seem scatterbrained (it’s just a reflection of a plethora of interests). She subscribes to AP Style because it’s hardwired from college (but won’t give up ampers&s), loves productivity hacks and punny humor. She also dominates at Super Smash Bros, Frasier trivia and car dancing.

You can find her personal website & portfolio here: autumnskinner.com

If you’re a coffee lover, Autumn’s got a blog for that: CoffeeMate Blog